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UMBC’s Integrated Product Development and Manufacturing Graduate Certificate program engages students in bringing innovation to the world.

免费全球节点加速器 Overcoming Inequality in Baltimore City | Community Leadership Graduate Program in Practice

We sat down and chatted with Sally Scott, Program Director of UMBC’s Graduate Program in Community Leadership. We spoke about her recent contribution in a report she co-authored with Seema Iyer of the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore titled Overcoming Barriers to Home Ownership in Baltimore City. 

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UMBC not only offers its students a high-quality educational experience, but it also prepares students for career success.

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Covid virus

UMBC researchers have received various grants over the years to help advance their work in important, life-saving areas such as COVID-19 detection and anti-viral studies.

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Baltimore City Housing

Recently, UMBC’s Community Leadership graduate program director Sally Scott, co-authored a report, Overcoming Barriers to Homeownership in Baltimore City. The report analyzed if additional first-time homebuyer incentives and more flexibly underwritten loans could reverse declining rates of homeownership in Baltimore.

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